Rets, Tina and Brad

Click for a slightly bigger version.

Not much anime is particularly inspiring me to do fanart recently (Maybe I’ll do some Nichijou or Denpa Onna stuff) so I’ve been doing more original artwork. There’s no real good laid back group shot of all the characters, so I figured I’d do one that easily expresses their personalities. Those personalities being, from left to right: awkward angry nerd, cheerful girl, and awkward angry nerd. Mistakes of Youth is far from having memorable or deep characters.

I really wanted this to turn out well, but I failed in execution a bit. The drawings are definitely the weakest link here, and I don’t think the shading is very good either. I do however like how the background turned out, as well as the lighting. So overall I’m not unhappy with the piece as a whole.

There’s actually some background needed for this picture. See, in Boston (where I used to live) there is an anime store called Tokyo Kid. On the staircase heading up to the floor Tokyo Kid is on, there used to be a display advertising the store. This display boasted a cardboard cutout of Naru from Love Hina in a bikini, as well as some figures and stuff. If you haven’t already guessed, Tokyo Kid is the anime store the store in the comic is based off of. The store was never actually given a name in the comic, so I decided to call it “Akiba Kid” for this picture. This background is meant to be the display leading up to the store.

Incidentally, I think the best part of the picture is the Naru I drew. I kind of just threw together her entire body in a few minutes, and it ended up looking pretty good. I didn’t even do much in the way of back drawing. I need to figure out how to do that more often.

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