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Fujiyoshi at Comiket

  It’s been a while since Comiket but… otsukaresamadeshita… Nothing’s really inspired me to do fanart as of late (Ikoku and iDOLM@STER are almost there) but I read a random chapter of Zetsubou Sensei recently and was reminded of why … Continue reading

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Fujiyoshi Harumi

Turned out pretty boring. It’s actually harder to do simple poses, because your deficiencies as an artist really shine when you can’t do simple things correctly. You can kind of bullshit with more complicated poses.

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Fujiyoshi Harumi

Not sure if her room has tatami mats. I used gravure model photos a bit for the leg shapes and also for the general idea for the bikini. I guess I’m happy with this, but I think the shading is … Continue reading

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